“ Your sensitive voice reflects your incommensurate inner soul beauty...deep inside yourself...you belong to eternity...”  

                                                                                                 - Mike Wondrous, composer

"Beautiful voice, vibrato, phrasing, & English. I join you in prayers for Japan."

                                    - Robbi Kumalo

“ It is magical, magnificent. I thought the floor was about to fall down.

Your voice is clear like a bell. It is steady and powerful. Light and sound are the most powerful force in the universe. You are harnessing the power of the universal light and sound.”   

                        - Gina Reder, Art and Music lover.  Science explorer and time traveler. 

“ Yukiko’s singing is flawless -- perfect.”                                      - A.G. 

“ I could not take my eyes off when Yukiko danced.”                       - Cantor Judy

“ It’s seldom to meet someone who give the kind of love she gives.”  

                                                                                                    - V. B. Yoga student

“ I was blown away by the beauty of the beautiful words that you gave me, and I felt so privileged to be receiving from you such beautiful wisdom.” 

                                                                                    - Mary Ellen, classical singer & teacher

“ I loved your writings. I loved your heart. I love the way that you work this through in such a healing and very honorable and High way. I honor you and I’m honored to know you.” 

                                                                             -  Rev. Sheryl Self, spiritual healer

“ Best thing about living in NY is YUKIKO.”             - Laura Bothwell

“ You are like a breath of fresh air.”                      - Barbara Thompson, dentist

“ Your words are like a song to my ear.”                - Gina.

“ Dear Yukiko-

Thank you so much for your gift of a massage and a plant, and the most meaningful gift of all: your friendship. I can not thank you enough. You have inspired me new ways to let my own voice out and my own way. “   

                                                                      - Amy Heller, ballroom dance instructor