Performing Arts & Healing Ministry

Yukiko as Maiko


Yukiko was born in Yamaguchi, and raised in Osaka, Japan. She moved to New York in 1986 for the sake of freedom... the freedom to explore her full potential.

Through each page of Yukiko’s websites, you will discover the courage and commitment that it took to fulfill her call to express her gifts. Yukiko’s websites serve as a celebration of her life, as well as a resource of information for other like-minded individuals and organizations.

The precious teachings of Zen in Japan taught Yukiko discipline. The invaluable teachings about personal development in America taught her freedom of expression. 

Yukiko received a full scholarship to All Faith Seminary where she studied interfaith ministry with the late Rabbi Joseph Gelberman. She was ordained as a modern interfaith minister in 2007.

Through her multi talented career path, she gradually developed her way of serving people with her gifts. Over 800 people follow her inspirational writings that arrive in their inbox. Yukiko is the author of her eBook "How Herbs Changed Me" and the producer of her video program "7 Secrets to Optimize Your Yoga At Home." 

In 2016 Yukiko celebrated the 30th anniversary of her life in New York. As Japan commemorated their 5th anniversary of the 2011 Tohoku calamity, she renewed her ministry and made a commitment of sending love for her home country from America. For this Yukiko utilizes a Facebook page and Youtube channel. A new website, is underway.


Yukiko says, “When knowledge becomes responsibility, one must forge ahead to help others on a similar journey.” Yukiko is working on enhancing the spirit of the singers community in New York, helping to find higher meaning for their performance and to improve their business presentation.

She is also working on deepening the friendship between the US and Japan through her new website

Yukiko seeks individuals or organizations to collaborate with her, so her various strengths can be shared in work that enhances the lives of others.

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